Neo-Nazi who used ‘Adolf Hitler’ as Apple ID jailed for stirring up racial hatred

Tobias Powell, 33, voiced support for the banned National Action terrorist group online

Lizzie Dearden
Security Correspondent
Saturday 15 May 2021 10:11
Tobias Powell was jailed for three years for stirring up racial hatred
Tobias Powell was jailed for three years for stirring up racial hatred

A neo-Nazi who used “Adolf Hitler” as his Apple user ID has been jailed for three years for stirring up racial hatred.

Tobias Powell, 33, voiced support for the National Action terrorist group online and called murdered MP Jo Cox an “alleged open traitor and enemy of the people”.

Counter Terrorism Policing South East said Powell wrote an email to Theresa May during her time as prime minister, where he accused her of a “Brexit stitch up” and called her a snake.

He also complained of supposed “Sharia law” in a letter to his local MP, Nick Gibb.

Worthing Magistrates’ Court previously heard that Powell published a series of racist and extreme-right wing social media posts between July and October 2018.

Police said he called for a “race war” to protect white people, and shared photos the tattoos he had featuring the swastika and other Nazi symbols.

He also posted a photo of his dog performing an apparent Hitler salute, with the caption “sieg heil”.

Powell’s Apple user ID was “Adolf Hitler” and he was also found to be in possession of numerous pieces of literature about white supremacy.

Powell, of Wythering Close in Bognor Regis, was jailed for three years at Portsmouth Crown Court for four counts of stirring up racial hatred.

Pierce Power, defending, told the court Powell was a “petty criminal”, adding: “He is a drug addict living at home, unemployed, with nothing to do with his time.“

Sentencing him on Friday, Judge Tim Mousley QC said: ”I am quite satisfied that you have demonstrated attitudes towards many different ethnic groups, religious groups, and people of different sexualities which are abhorrent to most people.

“I am also satisfied your views and how you expressed them is particularly worrying and deeply entrenched, they are far-reaching and they are obsessive.”

Detective Chief Superintendent Kath Barnes, the head of Counter Terrorism Policing South East, said: “While this was not prosecuted as a terrorism case, the rhetoric shared on social media meant that it was appropriate for specialist officers from Counter Terrorism Policing to carry out the investigation.

“We are aware of a very fine line between hate speech and terrorism, but I must be clear, showing your support for a terrorist organisation is not acceptable.

“All the material found as a result of this investigation revealed Powell had a concerning mindset and, as we heard, he even used his dog to try and perpetuate his support for Nazi organisations.

“This case should serve as a clear message to others that we are committed to tackling all forms of toxic ideology.”

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