Passengers arrested on Dubai flight

Saturday 09 January 2010 05:37

Police armed officers boarded an aircraft moments before it was due to take off for Dubai last night and arrested three passengers sparking a security alert at Heathrow Airport.

No suspicious material is thought to have been found and the airport remained open. Early reports suggested that the scare could have been sparked by British passengers who had made "a verbal threat". The plane was taken back to the terminal where passengers remained on board.

Cameron McLean, who was on board the Emirates flight, told Sky News: "Before we knew it five armed police rushed on to the plane and arrested two guys. The police had a bullet-proof vests and I think were carrying machine guns. At first there was commotion and we were instructed to sit in our seats."

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: "We are aware of a security incident at Heathrow. The airport and terminal remains open." A Heathrow spokesman said: "It's not affecting the rest of the airport which remains open."

The other passengers were taken off the plane and put up in a hotel overnight. Emirates says the flight would now leave at 3pm today.