Siblings who caused man to choke to death by ‘force feeding’ him kebab guilty of manslaughter

Nicole Cavin and David Noble forced chunks of chicken into David Clarke’s mouth while he slept on a train

Barnaby Kellaway
Tuesday 04 May 2021 19:59
David Clark collapsed on a train after watching a football match in March 2019
David Clark collapsed on a train after watching a football match in March 2019

A brother and sister who caused a drunk football fan to choke to death when they "force-fed" him a chicken kebab as he slept have been found guilty of manslaughter.

Nicole Cavin, 24, and David Noble, 34, caused the death of David Clark, 56, by forcing chunks of meat in his mouth while travelling on a train in March 2019.

A court previously heard Mr Clark collapsed on the train after watching a football match between Lancaster FC and Farsley Celtic.

Medics attended and recovered kebab meat the "size of a golf ball" from Mr Clark's airway, jurors were told.

The married father boarded a Northern service train with his friend Jon Waite and had enjoyed around ten pints throughout the day, according to prosecutors.

Cavin and Noble, who had known Mr Clark for about five years, boarded the service earlier at Preston after going to Blackpool for the day with Cavin’s boyfriend, Daniel Shepherd.

The men sat with them and, when Mr Clark fell asleep, the siblings pushed food into his mouth despite Noble having witnessed him starting to choke in a pub a month earlier.

Police and paramedics were called to Silverdale railway station shortly before 9.30pm after Mr Clark collapsed onboard.

He died at 10.10am the next day, with a post mortem examination finding he had choked to death.

Following a two-week trial at Preston's Nightingale Court at Preston North End football club both Cavin and Noble were found guilty of manslaughter.

They will be sentenced at a later date.

DS Gemma Jones, who led the British Transport Police investigation, said: "This is an incredibly tragic case and we send our heartfelt sympathies to the family of the victim David Clark.

"We are pleased that the case has finally been brought to a conclusion."

Detective chief inspector Steve May added: "This was an unusual and highly complex legal case and I commend the courage of those witnesses who came forward and provided statements and those who attended court to give evidence.

"The dignity and composure of Mr Clarks' family has been exemplary throughout and I hope that they can take some comfort in the knowledge that justice has been done.

"Our investigative team deserve mention for their consistent and thorough work to see this case brought to its conclusion."