UK weather: temperatures set to rise in time for a sunny bank holiday

The warm, sunny and settled weather is expected to last throughout the August bank holiday weekend

Ella Glover
Monday 23 August 2021 19:58
<p>The change follows a weekend of torrential rain</p>

The change follows a weekend of torrential rain

The warm weather long predicted to hit the UK this August may not have arrived as many had hoped, but temperatures will rise to 25C this week.

While it will not quite qualify a heatwave – the Met Office classifies a heatwave as three consecutive days with temperatures above 25C at this time of year – the sunnier conditions will be a contrast to the damp conditions during most of the month.

Temperatures will rise across the country on Monday to Wednesday, with the warmest weather hitting the west, although light showers will be possible across the northeast.

A spokesperson for The Met Office told The Independent that the warm weather would peak on Wednesday, with parts of Scotland expecting to hit 26C.

“Highs today are looking like up to 24C in the southeast, and the theme of this kind of this period of high pressure being over much of the UK continues through much of the week,” they said.

“On Tuesday, there are some spots of light rain in some areas of the east and northeast, and some low clouds will clear, as the day goes on tomorrow, for these good sunny spells.”

The sunny spells will continue for much of the country after Wednesday, with temperatures hovering around the low 20s and high teens, with the exception of some clouds, particularly around central and coastal areas of the UK.

The southeast may experience some breezy conditions on Thursday, though the warm weather is forecast to continue for much of the country.

Many people will welcome the change after a weekend of weather warnings and torrential rain across much of the UK.

By Saturday, London had already seen 100 per cent of its usual August rainfall, with 60mm falling on the capital, compared with the 51mm usually recorded in the entire month, Met Office forecaster Greg Dewhurst said.

The sunny, settled weather is expected to last through the summer bank holiday and into early September.

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