Woman in hospital with Covid-19 urges public not to stockpile medicine

'Stop stockpiling and stay at home,' pleads coronavirus patient

Delia Colwill asks members of public to think of people like her 

Rory Sullivan
Sunday 29 March 2020 11:54

A woman in hospital with coronavirus symptoms has urged people to stop stockpiling supplies and to remain at home to help contain the virus.

Delia Colwill, from Berkshire, has been in hospital since Tuesday, six days after she first showed symptoms of the disease.

Ms Colwill, who suffers from a spinal cord injury that affects her nervous system, said Covid-19 has knocked her “sideways”.

In a video appeal, she asked members of the public to avoid stockpiling medicine such as paracetamol and to abide by social distancing guidelines.

Ms Colwill said: “If you’re hoarding paracetamol, please don’t. Please stop buying more.”

“People like me are going to need it in a week,” she added.

She also stressed that government restrictions were in place to protect the vulnerable, adding that she was filming herself to show people “what the virus looks like”.

Ms Colwill said she is experiencing “horrific head pain”, intense sweats and a loss of appetite.

She is also suffering from shortness of breath, dizziness and an upset stomach among other symptoms.

After undergoing multiple tests, she has tested both positive and negative for the virus.


Ms Colwill said: "I'm not sure what to believe. I've suddenly been moved to a general ward with very vulnerable patients and I have no mask, nothing and I still have a virus.

"I'm not sure what to make of the testing and the situation honestly because I've had five doctors say it's Covid-19, one confirmed test positive and now a negative,” she added.

She praised the NHS staff who are caring for her, calling them “absolutely amazing”.

The UK has so far confirmed more than 17,000 infections and 1,000 deaths from the coronavirus.

Additional reporting from PA

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