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Village terrorised by jackdaw called Derek

‘There’ll be hell to pay’ if anyone is hurt, one mother says, adding: ‘I don’t care who that offends. It could take someone’s eye out’

Douglas Whitbread
Wednesday 02 November 2022 10:05 GMT
Derek the jackdaw has become a nuisance in Rossington, South Yorkshire
Derek the jackdaw has become a nuisance in Rossington, South Yorkshire (Nuala Asquith / SWNS)

Residents of a sleepy village say they have been left “petrified” after a dive-bombing bird called Derek carried out multiple “attacks” on innocent children.

The jackdaw, which some have branded “a menace”, has been causing a safety concerns in Rossington, South Yorkshire.

During the latest incident, a woman said Derek had tried to swoop on her children while they were in her garden – adding there would be “hell to pay” if they were harmed.

And another resident said the small black crow had forced workers to flee indoors after it “ambushed” them and caused “absolute terror”.

Villagers are divided as to whether the bird is domesticated or wild, and some have even shown support for it, describing Derek as their local “mascot”.

But most have voiced concern at its persistent raids on their community, and now believe the bird should be locked up for good.

One resident wrote on social media: “It comes to something when kids can’t even go into their own garden without being petrified because of that bloody bird Derek dive-bombing them trying to attack them.

“So to whomever owns the horrible thing, if you want to try domesticate a bird like that then keep it at home because if it hurts my kids there will be hell to pay and I don’t care who that offends.

“The thing is a menace, attacking kids in school playground, on the street, in their own garden. If it was any other animal it would have been put to sleep following the first attack on a child.

“Angry isn’t the word. I don’t care who thinks I’m overreacting or it’s just a bird but it could take someone’s eye out.”

Another added about their children: “They got made to come in and have indoor break at school last week coz Derek was attacking kids on playground.

“Me and my colleague was working outside at a customer’s house and got ambushed by Derek he’s an absolute terror.”

A further Facebook user described the bird as “demonic” while another dubbed it “a horrible nasty little thing.”

However, Derek’s supporters have rushed to his defend it, with some calling it “mint” and claiming that it just wants companionship.

They wrote on social media: “Derek’s mint! Just carry a bag of crisps and he will love you forever lol he just wants to be your friend!”

Another said: “My kids were feeding him earlier, he’s ace”, while a third described the bird as “the village mascot”.

A supporter went on: “My daughter has told me a few times that Derek has caused all the kids to go inside at play time at school she said most of the kids love him.”

Jackdaws, which number about 1.4 million in the UK, are members of the crow family. They are smaller than their cousins, the rook, carrion crow and raven.

They commonly nest in chimneys rocks, tree holes and small crevices, and have an approximate wing span of 70cm.


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