Finsbury Park mosque attack: EDL founder Tommy Robinson's appearance on Good Morning Britain sparks outrage

'The fact Tommy Robinson has so many supporters makes me sick'

Samuel Osborne
Tuesday 20 June 2017 07:19 BST
Tommy Robinson appears on GMB with Quran in bizarre segment following Finsbury Park attack

Tommy Robinson's appearance on Good Morning Britain has sparked outrage as the EDL founder attacked the Quran as a "violent and cursed book" the day after the Finsbury Park terror attack.

Piers Morgan branded Mr Robinson a "bigoted lunatic" and told him to "show some damn respect for people’s religious beliefs" as Mr Robinson held up the Islamic holy book.

Mr Morgan said: "Now you're sounding like a complete lunatic. You're sounding like a bigoted lunatic.

"You are an Islamophobe who hates Islam, you basically think all Muslims are to blame. What you are doing now is deliberately inflammatory, its deliberately poisonous, and you are having the complete opposite effect to the one you say you have."

Viewers took to social media to react with anger.

One wrote: "I feel sick. Why would you someone like Tommy Robinson on the show to spew hatred. Do you only care about views?"

Another said: "Radical extremists like Tommy Robinson shouldn't even be given airtime. Maybe you could get an Isis leader on tomorrows show."

Others celebrated Mr Morgan for taking on Mr Robinson.

"Well done for taking Tommy Robinson on, thought your attack on him brandishing the Koran showed great respect for other faiths!"

"For once I approve of Piers intervening technique of talking over people. Tommy Robinson should never be given a platform to spout his hate," another said.

One wrote: "The fact Tommy Robinson has so many supporters makes me sick."

However, others expressed their support for Mr Robinson and criticised Mr Morgan for talking over him.

"Not good Piers you sound weak this morning Tommy Robinson spoke some valid points and you put the gag on him your a reporter speak the truth."

"Interview with Tommy Robinson was a joke! Did anyone gain credence? Talking over each other doesn't get conclusions!"

"The Tommy Robinson interview on GMB was a joke. How is he suppose to answer the questions if Piers Morgan doesn't let him speak."

Mr Morgan hit back at some of his critics on Twitter.

"Oh, we let him speak. That was his main problem," he wrote.

Responding to a suggestion some of Mr Robinson's points "have merit," the presenter tweeted: "Yes they do but his Islamophobia and anti-Muslim rhetoric tarnishes those points."

Finsbury Park attack: What do we know?

A spokesperson for Good Morning Britain told The Independent: "Tommy Robinson was interviewed on Good Morning Britain this morning to be robustly challenged on controversial comments he made yesterday following the Finsbury Park terror attack, which were widely reported in the news."

Despite Mr Robinson being called a "hate preacher" at the Finsbury Park attack, police have said he will only be investigated if they receive an official complaint alleging he has incited hatred.

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