Forget the royal baby, look at pictures of this Stormtrooper gatecrashing a historical re-enactment

Galactic warrior may have turned up at the wrong event

Felicity Morse
Tuesday 23 July 2013 14:51 BST

As an infantine frenzy holds news channels hostage and royal regalia dominates headlines, the real news can get lost in the wash.

So forget the birth of the royal baby, or the woman who took her horse to McDonald's, the real action was happening in Northampton with a Stormtrooper gatecrashing a historical re-enactment.

At the History Live! event, participants dressed in uniforms worn throughout English military history, including the Battle of Hastings, the Wars of the Roses and the D-Day landings

The appearance of the stormtrooper clashed somewhat with the historical characters, making it appear like some kind of time-travellers reunion.

However one online commenter said it was important not to criticise the stormtrooper, posting

"He is just networking looking for a job. Ever since the destruction of the Death Star and the collapse off the Empire there aren't many employment opportunities for stormtroopers.

"Especially with the discrimination and residual angst towards those that fought on the losing side of the rebellion. Please don't perpetuate the unjust treatment of these people that are just trying to fit in and become a productive member of society"

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