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Ask an expert anything about the four-day working week - from advantages to how it works

India Burgess, a consultant at a thinktank which helps firms implement the four-day week, is on hand to answer your questions

Tuesday 19 September 2023 12:36 BST
The world’s biggest trial of a four-day working week has previously been hailed a “major breakthrough” (Kirsty O’Connor/ PA)
The world’s biggest trial of a four-day working week has previously been hailed a “major breakthrough” (Kirsty O’Connor/ PA) (PA Archive)

Tales detailing the wonders of the four-day working week have been a constant in recent years.

But has the time for a shorter stint at the office finally arrived? The four-day working week has been backed by governments across the world, adopted by several businesses and hailed a “major breakthrough” in a recent trial.

Following the six month trial, the largest conducted in the world, most of the 61 companies involved said they would stick to the shorter week.

A variety of businesses across multiple sectors took part, committing to a 32-hour working week and reducing their working hours for all staff by 20 per cent.

In our latest Ask Me Anything event for The Independent, readers will be able to ask India Burgess, a researcher and consultant at the thinktank Autonomy, questions about the four-day working week.

Autonomy helps companies move their workforce onto a shorter week - so India will be able to tackle your burning questions about the trendy work pattern.

What are the benefits? Are there any drawbacks? Who's for and it who's against it? And which companies have trialed it so far?

Our expert India Burgess will be on hand from 4pm-4.30pm BST, on Tuesday 19 September to answer all your questions in an ‘Ask Me Anything’ event. She will be answering live in the comments section below.

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