Four-year-old boy hailed 'an angel' after saving choking school friend's life

Harvey Price has been dubbed 'Dr Harvey' by canteen staff

Ross Logan
Monday 29 February 2016 16:27
Pantside Primary School in Newbridge
Pantside Primary School in Newbridge

A four-year-old boy has been dubbed "an angel" after saving the life of a choking school friend.

Harvey Price has reportedly been given the moniker "Dr Harvey" by canteen staff after coming to the rescue of fellow pupil Aniya Williams, five.

The little girl started choking on her sandwich during lunch break, at which point Harvey jumped up from his seat and slapped her on the back to dislodge the food.

His quick thinking not only saved Aniya, but has made Harvey the talk of Pantside Primary School, in South Wales.

His proud mother Kay, 30, said: "They are all making a fuss of him at school. The first I knew of it was when I picked Harvey up from school and he came out with a present," according to the Mirror.

"The teacher came out and said he stopped a kid from choking.

"The dinner ladies and the breakfast club ladies, they all make a fuss of him and call him Dr Harvey."

Aniya’s mum Sinead Williams, 23, said: ”He's an angel.”

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