Angry mob hurls abuse at vicar and chases worshippers down the road

Conspiracy theorists launched a campaign against innocent parents accused of being in a Satanic pedophile cult

Athena Stavrou
Tuesday 12 March 2024 21:34 GMT
Conspiracy theorists accuse parents of being part of baby-eating satanic cult

Video footage has captured the moment an angry mob of conspiracy theorists chased innocent parents and a vicar down the street after they accused them of eating babies.

A new documentary has followed ordinary parents from the London suburb of Hampstead who were the unlikely victims of a baseless Satanic cult paedophile conspiracy started by trolls online.

The rumours, originating from two young children and spread by their mother, spread worldwide and prompted activists from around the globe to protest outside the North London school.

The Channel 4 documentary delves into the events starting in 2015 when siblings aged eight and nine made shocking accusations about teachers, religious leaders, parents and their own father, who they claimed led the events.

One of the children alleged: “We do sex with the baby, sacrifice and eat the baby, and drink the blood from it… we dance with the skulls.”

Following the allegations, a police investigation concluded that the stories had resulted from “relentless emotional and psychological pressure as well as significant physical abuse”, the children had suffered at the hands of their mother Ella Draper and her partner, Abraham Christie.

Sabine McNeill shared false allegations about the conspiracy and was interviewed for the Channel 4 programme (Channel 4)

Draper alongside her informal legal advisor, Sabine McNeill, shared a document making false allegations against 175 people alongside their personal details.

The documentary, Accused: The Hampstead Paedophile Hoax, speaks to several innocent mothers caught up in the conspiracy theory about their experience and how they cleared their names.

One of the mothers interviewed for the documentary, named Alice, said she was “petrified” by the ordeal.

She said: “It’s not in the little Alice In Wonderland world now where it’s all make-believe on the internet - it’s real, it’s on your doorstep, these people are here.’”

One of the mothers interviewed for the documentary named Sarah was played by Sarah Barlondo (Channel 4)

Another mother named Sarah, added: “A group of 20 to 30 people every Sunday morning would come and stand outside the church and hurl abuse at parishioners.”

At one point, conspiracy theorists even came to the area and filmed their harassment. The videos are featured in the documentary.

One person says as they film: “Here’s the church, where the vicar lives - the paedo.”

Another man responds to being challenged by a local by saying: “I’m allowed to [film] - it’s a free world. Why are you eating babies?”

Upon the police investigation, Draper and Christie fled to Spain in 2015 and are still on the run.

Meanwhile, McNeil was later jailed after being put on trial for stalking, harassment and breaching a restraining order. She served four years of her nine-year sentence

McNeill was also interviewed for the Channel 4 programme and said: “I didn’t accept any of the charges, I didn’t accept the verdict, I cannot accept the verdict. All I can do is suffer - suffer it, like Jesus Christ did.”

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