Emily Maitlis told to ‘f*** off’ by Trump ally Marjorie Taylor Greene after she’s grilled on conspiracy theory

News Agents presenter told: ‘Why don’t you f*** off? How about that’

Athena Stavrou
Wednesday 06 March 2024 10:38 GMT
Marjorie Taylor Greene swears at Emily Maitlis in outburst over conspiracy question

US politician Marjorie Taylor Greene told Emily Maitlis to “f*** off” in an explosive interview about Donald Trump and conspiracy theories.

The republican congresswoman and keen Trump supporter was confronted by the former BBC presenter at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago headquarters on Tuesday as the former president secured candidacy wins in several states.

After just over a minute of conversation, the line of questioning turned bitter as the pair discussed conspiracy theories.

After being asked about a former Facebook post she had made about a Rothschild-owned space laser sparking wildfires, Greene responded: “Why don’t you go talk about Jewish space lasers and really why don’t you f*ck off? How about that?”

Before the encounter became aggressive, The News Agents host first asked Ms Greene about her opinion on Trump’s Republican opponent Nikki Haley, to which she suggested Ms Haley drop out of the race and support Trump.

Marjorie Taylor Greene clashes with Emily Maitlis (The News Agents podcast)

“We’ve been encouraging her to drop out and support President Trump and I think tonight is the clear message that President Trump is the clear front runner,” she said.

“He’s the winner in our Republican primary and it’s time for Nikki Haley to drop out and support him.”

Ms Maitlis then asked if she hoped to be on Donald Trump’s potential Vice President list to which Greene said it would be a “long list” and that she would be happy to support Trump in “any way he’d ask me.”

The conversation soon turned bitter when Maitlis asked the 49-year-old why “so many people who support Donald Trump love conspiracy theories, including yourself” and added: “He seems to attract lots of conspiracy theorists”.

Greene then hits out at Mailis, accusing her of being a conspiracy theorist herself. She said: “The left and the media spread more conspiracy theories. We like the truth, we like supporting out Constitution, our freedoms and America First.”

The line of questioning escalated further after Maitlis asked the congresswoman about “Jewish space lasers”, referring to a Facebook post Greene made that suggested a space laser controlled by the Rothschild family caused a wildfire in California.

Greene responded: “Why don’t you go talk about Jewish space lasers and really why don’t you f*ck off? How about that?”

The interview came after Trump won the primary ballot in Maine, Oklahoma, Virginia, North Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Minnesota and Massachusetts.

He told guests at his Flordia private club that November 5 would be the most important day in American history.

“November 5 is going to go down as the single most important day in the history of our country,’ he said.

“We’re not respected right now our country is known as a joke. It’s a joke.

“Other leaders ... can’t believe what happened to us because three years ago we were the most respected country anywhere in the world by far.”

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