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London Bridge attack inquests: CCTV shows stab victims fighting Isis terrorists as passers-by throw chairs

Knife-wielding attackers pelted with bottles, chairs and bread crates, after being punched and kicked by victims

Lizzie Dearden
Security Correspondent, at the Old Bailey
Wednesday 08 May 2019 08:35 BST
Inquest into the London Bridge and Borough Market terror attack begins at the Old Bailey

Inquests into the London Bridge terror attack have been shown CCTV of victims fighting terrorists even after they were stabbed.

The Old Bailey was played graphic footage showing PC Charlie Guenigault kicking ringleader Khuram Butt as he was being knifed on the ground.

Another clip showed a man throwing a drink over attacker Rachid Redouane after being stabbed in the back, as a passer-by launched a chair at terrorists.

Millwall fan Roy Larner was filmed fighting the attackers in the Black and Blue restaurant, remaining standing in a boxing stance even after being stabbed multiple times in the chest.

In the aftermath of the attack, Mr Larner said he shouted "f*** you, I'm Millwall" during the assault.

Footage caught on CCTV cameras, dashcams, people's phones and police bodyworn cameras showed chaos as the trio of terrorists roamed around Borough Market.

The court heard that at one point, they started moving towards unarmed police officers shouting "Allah akbar".

Footage showed the officers making desperate radio calls for armed backup before turning and telling members of the public to run, fleeing with them.

An armed unit from City of London Police arrived at Borough Market shortly after, as the terrorists stabbed the last of the 56 victims killed or injured.

Even as three officers got out of their car and took aim, footage played to the Old Bailey showed members of the public standing metres away throwing missiles.

Two bakers had run to the scene with large bread crates, while drinkers were pelting them with chairs and glass bottles.

Police shouted at the public to take cover as armed officers opened fire on the terrorists in a hail of bullets.

The court heard that officers shouted warnings before Butt, Redouane and Youssef Zaghba charged towards them, still carrying their knives and wearing fake suicide vests.

The three attackers were taken down 10 minutes after starting the attack, and shot multiple times minutes later as they lay on the ground.

Footage showed Redouane's legs moving and Det Supt Becky Riggs told the court that officers feared the attackers and could detonate the vests.

Images provided by Met Police of murderers (left to right) Khuram Butt, Rachid Redouane and Youssef Zaghba

They were later found to be fake by explosive ordnance disposal teams.

A man in a nearby pub was accidentally shot in the head in the fusillade but survived, the court heard.

The Old Bailey previously heard emotional tributes to the eight victims from their families.

The area around Borough Market had been swarming with Londoners and tourists on a warm summer evening, when pubs were packed out for the Champions League final.

The court heard Ignacio Echeverria, a financial crime analyst from Spain, beat the terrorists with a skateboard after seeing them attacking a woman on the ground.

Australian nurse Kirsty Boden was stabbed to death after rushing to help another victim, French waiter Alexandre Pigeard.

The court heard that the 26-year-old was attacked while “rushing to see if he could help” victims of what he believed to be an accidental crash.

French chef Sebastien Belanger, 36, had been drinking at the same restaurant and was cornered by all three of the attackers but “bravely fought back” as he was stabbed to death.

The court heard that Canadian social worker Christine Archibald, 30, had kissed her husband-to-be and told him “I love you” moments before being killed by the van.

Xavier Thomas, 45, was on the phone to his son as he walked across the River Thames on holiday with his girlfriend when he was hit by the terrorists' vehicle.

Australian au pair Sara Zelenak was on a “trip of a lifetime” when she was knifed to death while on a night out with a friend nearby, her family said.

And dual British-Filipino national James McMullan, 32, had been watching football at a pub when he went outside for a cigarette and was caught in the attack.

The attackers' deaths will be examined before a jury, in separate inquests coming after an estimated eight weeks of hearings for their victims.

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Good morning and welcome to our live coverage of the second day of inquests into the London Bridge terror attack.

Yesterday, the Old Bailey heard tributes to the eight victims and a counterterror police officer had given evidence about how they were attacked by three terrrorists using a van and knives.

Today, the court is to hear how the attack ended and then more detailed evidence on the death of Xavier Thomas, a devoted French father who had been on the phone to his son when he was struck on London Bridge.

Lizzie Dearden8 May 2019 08:34
Lizzie Dearden8 May 2019 08:34

The inquests have resumed and D/Supt Becky Riggs‏, a Metropolitan Police counterterror officer who investigated the attacks, is giving evidence on how they unfolded

Lizzie Dearden8 May 2019 10:08

She tells the court that the three terrorists were attacking a couple, stabbing a woman called Marie after she fell to the ground

She says Ignacio Echeverria was cycling down the road with two other friends at the time. Two police officers - BTP officer PC Wayne Marques and off-duty Met officer PC Charlie Guenigault - were trying to intervene further up the road

Lizzie Dearden8 May 2019 10:10

D/Supt Riggs says "Ignacio got off his bike and ran towards where the attackers were to assist the two officers"

That was at 10.09pm and seconds later a CCTV camera still from outside Lobos restaurant showed him running past.

Lizzie Dearden8 May 2019 10:11

D/Supt Riggs: "He had taken his skateboard from his rucksack and swung at the attackers and managed to his Redouane. He retaliated causing Ignacio to fall onto the ground. The attackers then set on him on the ground. It was Redouane and Zaghba."

"It was a brief but furious assault," the court hears, and after stabbing Ignacio several times they moved on down the street. CCTV shows Ignacio moving for 28 seconds and then lying still.

Lizzie Dearden8 May 2019 10:12

Another British Transport Police officer reached Ignacio a minute after the attack, at 10.10pm and gave first aid assisted by other officers, the court hears

"Their description is that he was unresponsive," with shallow breathing and a weak pulse, D/Supt Riggs tells the court

Ignacio was carried across the road, where injured people were being taken to a place of safety away from the ongoing attack

Lizzie Dearden8 May 2019 10:14

Ignacio's death was formally recorded at 00.40am, with the cause given as a stab wound to the back. He suffered the fatal injuries at 22:09.30 and was the last victim to be killed in the attack

Lizzie Dearden8 May 2019 10:15

The court hears that as the attackers reached Bedale Street, they stabbed two other people who were injured and survived

Led by Rachid Redouane, they reached the corner of Stoney Street at 22:10.36. Outside Brindisa tapas restaurant they stabbed a man sat outside multiple times, led by Redouane

They then targeted a man stood outside the Southwark Tavern pub, which is across the road, running towards him and stabbing him, D/Supt Riggs says

Lizzie Dearden8 May 2019 10:19

The court hears the attackers moved up Stoney Street, alongside Borough Market, as "members of the public were fleeing ahead of them"

It is being shown CCTV of the attackers moving up the road, showing Khuram Butt in his red Arsenal top, Youssef Zaghba in black and Redouane in a striped navy and white tpo, moving in a cluster

Lizzie Dearden8 May 2019 10:21

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