Prince Charles says young people are being radicalised at an 'alarming' rate

The heir to the throne blames 'crazy' content on the internet

Jon Stone
Sunday 08 February 2015 09:57 GMT
Prince Charles is regarded as more outspoken than the Queen
Prince Charles is regarded as more outspoken than the Queen

Young people in Britain are being radicalised at an “alarming” rate, the Prince of Wales has said.

In an interview to be broadcast today on BBC Radio 2, Prince Charles said he believed British values were being neglected by “people who come here” as well as many people born in Britain.

“This is one of the greatest worries, I think, and the extent to which this is happening is the alarming part, and particularly in a country like ours where you know the values we hold dear,” he said.

“You think that the people who have come here, [are] born here, go to school here, would imbibe those values and outlooks.”

The heir to the throne blamed “crazy” content on the internet for some of the change.

“The frightening part is that people can be so radicalised either by contact with somebody else or via the internet, and the extraordinary amount of crazy stuff which is on the internet,” he said.

He did not elaborate on which British values he was referring to. The Prince explained that his charity, The Prince’s Trust, was trying to reverse the trend by giving young people other outlets for their energy.

Prince Charles was speaking in Jordan during a six-day tour of the Middle East.

He also spoke of his “deep concern” for attacks on Christian churches in region, adding that he wanted to show "soldarity" with eastern churches.

“I think what doesn't bear thinking about is people of one faith, a believer, could kill another believer. That's the totally bewildering aspect in our day and age.”

Earlier this month it was revealed in a new book that Prince Charles did not want to be used to promote British weapons arms in the Middle East. Charles: The Heart of A King is being serialised in The Times newspaper.

A Clarence House spokesperson said at the time that the tour the Prince was embarking on demonstrated “the importance Her Majesty’s Government places on its association with key partners in the area”.

“These connections are underpinned by the long-standing and respectful relationships which exist between the Royal Family and the ruling families in the Gulf.”

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