Dog still waiting for new home two years after he was found guarding dead owner’s body

Dillon was found guarding his dead owner’s body, ‘protecting him right up until’ the end, say rescuers

Shweta Sharma
Tuesday 23 November 2021 12:18
<p>Dillon the dog - a Lurcher who was rescued two years ago lying next to the body of his former owner after their death</p>

Dillon the dog - a Lurcher who was rescued two years ago lying next to the body of his former owner after their death

A dog in Britain is still waiting for a new home, two years after he was found guarding his dead owner’s body.

Nine-year-old Dillon is a male Lurcher who has joined legions of dogs across the world in protecting and looking after their owners when they have needed them the most.

But Dillon, who has been living at the National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) in Hayle, Cornwall, has been patiently waiting for a loving, forever home that will take care of him, the trust said.

Dillon was rescued by NAWT officials after he was found lying next to his owner, who had passed away.

The black-coloured pooch was “obviously protecting him right up until he couldn’t anymore,” Amy Hall, a fundraising and supporter relations officer for NAWT, told the SWNS news agency.

He has since seen countless dogs at the trust come and go.

Dillon is nine-year-old male Lurcher

“He came to us about two years ago from that situation, which is what Dillon wanted and needed, but we’ve been trying to find the right one for him, the right home and family,” she added.

Dillon was described as “Joey from Friends” because he doesn’t like to share, especially his owners, and is enthusiastic with a puppy-like energy despite his age, the trust said.

The dog, however, has struggled to find a permanent home because his personality traits require extra, dedicated attention, including his love for walks and playtime in the garden.

“The thing with his age is he attracts people looking for more of a dog that sits with you, whereas Dillon in his heart is still a bit of a puppy,” Ms Hall said.

“He will settle down with you and relax too, but he likes to go out in the fields and have a nice walk — after which he likes to just chill.”

Dillon is also very possessive and would not like to share an owner, wanting any potential humans all for himself, they said. He was adopted for a brief period, but was left by foster parents as they wanted a calmer dog and were unable to handle him.

“We actually sent him out to a foster home a while ago with other dogs, and he got on fine there, absolutely fine, but when they were in the home together, he wasn’t too happy — he likes his owner to himself,” Ms Hall said.

A NAWT employee said “he’s more than happy to go out for walks with other dogs, and he’s more than happy with friends bringing their kids or dogs over too.”

Despite the delay, the trust said they continue to receive interest for Dillon and that, with a little bit of luck, will hopefully find just the right owners for him.

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