Rishi Sunak and wife Akshata Murty called ‘out of touch’ over ‘cringey’ video about chores

Rishi Sunak and Akshata Murty slammed as ‘out of touch’ over answers to household jobs questions

Tara Cobham
Tuesday 05 March 2024 18:45 GMT
SNP’s Flynn brands Sunak ‘out of touch’ for £1000 bet amid cost of living crisis

Social media users have slammed a “cringey” video of the prime minister and his wife discussing chores as “completely out of touch”.

Sitting on a velvet grey sofa against a dark blue wall holding mugs, Rishi Sunak and businesswoman Akshata Murty are asked a number of questions about household jobs, such as, “Who is best at loading the dishwasher?” and, “Who is more likely to make the bed?”

The Conservative Party leader cut a quieter figure than his wife, who took the lead on answering questions in the interview with Grazia UK. He discussed his irritation at an unmade bed and jumped in to criticise her dishwasher stacking, while she admitted to having eaten meals in her bed when she was younger and conceded that her husband is the better cook.

The exclusive interview with the Sunaks featured in this month’s Grazia (Grazia)

The Instagram caption for the interview ahead of International Women’s Day on 8 March read: “We found out how the country’s most high-profile couple share domestic duties.”

The internet was scathing in its response, with one person asking incredulously: “How they share domestic duties?!!! Are you kidding? You think they’re taking out their own bins??!”

As the multi-millionaire couple playfully bickered over the chores in the video, Ms Murty joked that one of Mr Sunak’s “special skills” was making the bed, while she said she is “not a morning person”.

The PM even went so far as to say that he would sometimes return home from the office specifically to make the bed. He labelled his wife’s confession that she used to leave plates on her bed “disgusting”.

As many others similarly stated, an Instagram user said: “This is completely out of touch.”

With a heavy dose of sarcasm, someone else said: “Finally a couple I can relate to! As I scrape the mould off the bread for my morning toast and wonder how long I can make the toothpaste last if I cut the end off.”

The net worth of the couple was estimated to be £529 million last year (PA Wire)

Another scoffed: “Yes, how do these multimillionaires with an army of staff share the domestic load?”

Someone else insisted: “These two have never been near a dishwasher!”

The net worth of the pair – who are the wealthiest inhabitants 10 Downing Street has so far ever seen – was estimated to be £529 million last year, according to The Sunday Times Rich List.

One social media user was among those demanding the PM be questioned over a ceasefire in Gaza instead. They posted: “Looool! What a cringey couple!! Why don’t you ask him about ceasefire instead? We would be more interested to hear about that! Not interested in their pathetic chores!!”

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