Tapes reveal the confusion that followed blasts

By Mark Hughes
Sunday 23 October 2011 06:20

"I think this is a possible power surge problem, not terrorist related. But we don't know." The chaos and confusion that followed the three explosions on Tube trains on 7 July 2005 was revealed yesterday as a series of telephone calls between London Underground staff and the emergency services were played on the first day of the inquest.

On at least two occasions Tube staff dismissed the involvement of terrorists. An Underground staff member says: "We have had a report of an explosion on a train, also a possible train hitting a wall. It is also possible that somebody is under the train. It is very confusing at the moment."

In another call, a staff member tells his control room: "I don't know what has gone on but there are people coming up with blood on their faces. Something has gone badly wrong."

Tube staff debated whether the tragedy was the result of a power surge at 9.32am – 43 minutes after the first explosion. Only at this point does a man in the control room accept that terrorism is the probable cause: "There were three explosions at Edgware Road, Russell Square and Liverpool Street. We definitely have walking injured, possibly fatalities."

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