Teacher struck off for 'sex with pupil' had been working as a missionary

Religious organisation launches internal review into Ms Graham's actions

May Bulman
Thursday 01 September 2016 14:09 BST
Ms Graham married her husband in 2015 and the pair are reportedly still together despite the allegations of her misconduct
Ms Graham married her husband in 2015 and the pair are reportedly still together despite the allegations of her misconduct (Facebook)

A woman who was banned from teaching after she was pictured in bed with a pupil had been working as a missionary to spread the word of God among soldiers.

French teacher Isabelle Graham was dismissed from her post at the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) on 31 August for engaging in "sexual activity" with a 17-year-old pupil at a Travelodge hotel in Edinburgh.

It has now emerged the 28-year-old had been doing work for the Soldiers' and Airmen Scripture Readers Association (SASRA), carrying out missionary work with soldiers.

Her name had appeared on the charity's staff list as "donor relations officer", but was removed following the allegations.

The Hampshire charity, which spreads the teaching of God among soldiers, is now conducting an internal review into the matter.

A spokesperson from the SASRA told The Independent: “Mrs Wilkie has recently been employed as a part-time staff member with the Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Scripture Readers Association (SASRA).

"SASRA is not in a position to rule on Mrs Wilkie’s conduct in her previous employment. However, SASRA believes that allegations of this nature should be taken seriously and is therefore undertaking an internal review.

"Our primary concern remains the wellbeing of everybody under SASRA’s pastoral care and the distress caused to all involved."

In response to the allegations made against her, Ms Graham claimed she had no recollection of engaging sexually with the pupil because she drank four glasses of wine.

She also maintained she was an “active and practising Christian” who had been “waiting until marriage” to have sexual intercourse.

But Detective Sergeant Keith Miller, who investigated the incident for Police Scotland, disputed this, stating: “Throughout the footage there’s no sign Ms Graham is under the excessive influence of drugs or alcohol.

“The way she moved and conducted herself suggested someone who was making conscious decisions.”

Ms Graham's husband Andrew Wilkie, a training clergyman, is said to have stayed with her despite her alleged infidelity, and she has recently given birth to their first child.

Police Scotland formally investigated the incident, but chose not to pursue charges due to a lack of evidence.

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