UK weather forecast: Freezing fog and plummeting temperatures to chill Britain all weekend

Weather is 'cold for time of year', says Met Office spokesperson

Zoe Tidman
Saturday 30 November 2019 14:04
UK weather: The latest Met Office forecast

The UK looks set for a cold weekend, as the Met Office forecasts low temperatures and freezing fog for much of the country.

A Met Office spokesperson said the weather is “cold for the time of year”, with much of the UK predicted to see frosty weather overnight and into Sunday morning.

Cumbria is expecting particularly cold temperatures of around -7C, and parts of Wales could fall to -4C or just below overnight, while they would usually be around 6C warmer.

The West Midlands can expect freezing temperatures of around -4C and could be especially cold in the countryside.

Most parts in Devon and Cornwall are predicted to fall below freezing into Sunday morning.

A Met Office spokesperson said the southwest of England, expecting frosty temperatures over the final weekend of November, is usually 3 or 4 degrees around this time of year.

Freezing fog was seen in parts of central and southern England this morning, after the Met Office issued a fog warning over reduced visibility and possible travel disruption.

The Met Office said there should be no fog warnings for the rest of the day, although freezing fog is expected to move upwards into northern England.

Scotland could see some of the UK’s lowest temperatures tonight. A Met Office spokesperson said hilly areas could drop to as low as -8C.

A danger-to-life ice warning was issued early Friday morning and ended around 10am, after temperatures dropped below what is normally expected this time of year.

Fog is expected to subside towards the end of the weekend, although the Met Office warned more is expected from Monday night through to Wednesday.

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