UK sets new wind power record as turbines deliver 14 gigawatts for first time – 37 per cent of nation's electricity

National Grid confirms highest metered wind output ever recorded

Peter Stubley
Saturday 17 March 2018 13:00 GMT
Gale force winds hit Whitley Bay as UK sets new wind power record

Wind power in the UK set a new record today by generating 14 gigawatts for the first time – nearly 37 per cent of the the country’s electricity.

The National Grid control room confirmed that 13.9 gigawatts was the highest ever metered wind output.

It was responding to a tweet by “wind-loving Walthamstow mum” Sarah Merrick, who said: “Think this might be a new wind record”.

At 10am on Saturday Wind generated 13.9GW, or 36.9 per cent of the UK’s electricity, increasing to 14GW by 11am.

The previous record was 13.6GW in January this year.

By contrast gas generated only 8.5GW (23 per cent), nuclear 6.5GW (17.3 per cent), coal just 4.7GW (12.5 per cent) and both solar and biomass 1.5GW (4.1 per cent). Hydro came last with 0.3GW or 0.9 per cent.

Wind farms produced a record 15 per cent of Britain’s electricity in 2017, up from 10 per cent in 2016, according to a report by Drax electric insights.

Dr Iain Staffell of Imperial College said: “The dramatic increase comes from both higher wind speeds and a jump in installed capacity. Several large offshore farms came online and onshore wind had a record year for deployment.”

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