Beagles held in testing laboratory for 12 years to be rehomed in UK

The Beagle Freedom Project UK said the dogs will be taken to an animal sanctuary in Kent.

Anahita Hossein-Pour
Wednesday 23 August 2023 17:45 BST
Pam Ghatoray with some of the dogs rescued by Beagle Freedom Project UK (John Nguyen/PA)
Pam Ghatoray with some of the dogs rescued by Beagle Freedom Project UK (John Nguyen/PA)

Seven dogs kept in captivity in a European testing laboratory for 12 years will soon be freed and rehomed in the UK.

Rescued beagles Jonesy, Davey, Ringo, Elton, Freddie, Olivia and Birdie, some of which were born at the testing site, will finally be released following work by the Beagle Freedom Project UK (BFP UK).

All of the animals have dermatitis and suffer from bad dental hygiene while three of them have had surgery for ligament rupture.

The beagles will be taken to the Retreat Animal Rescue Sanctuary near Ashford, Kent, where they will then be re-homed with foster carers.

Rescue associate Samantha Kester said: “In the face of great adversity, we remain optimistic in our dedication to liberating animals from the needless and horrific cruelty of animal testing.

“These beagles, innocently born on death row, enduring unimaginable repetitive suffering, are now on a path to recovery, rehabilitation and, ultimately, loving forever homes.”

According to the charity, beagles are often chosen for animal testing due to their docile natures and that they are born and held in research facilities where they “never see daylight”, including in the UK.

They are often used for pharmaceutical or biochemical testing, the charity said.

Ms Kester added: “These beagles represent the countless animals still suffering in labs and their newfound freedom ignites our passion to continue working towards a world where no animal is subjected to needless experimentation.”

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