A who’s who of celebrity political endorsements

Matilda Battersby@matildbattersby
Saturday 22 October 2011 22:34

Political parties love to adopt celebrities. And celebrities love to be adopted. In the run-up to the current general election there has been a possibly unprecedented display of high profile political wrangling taking place among people who are not politicians, played out on social networking sites, TV and newspapers.

Stephen Fry today wrote a seven-page manifesto on his website about why individuals should not be influenced by celebrity endorsements. He wrote: “What business do I have to ventilate my psephological dispositions for the Great Choosing that will take place on Thursday? Do I think that my electoral intentions are relevant, important, worth more than anyone else’s, of national interest? None of the above. On the other hand, I have been approached by all three major parties.”

While The Independent agrees with Fry’s sentiment that nobody should impose too great an importance on the individual voting ideas of an admired musician, writer or actor; it is human nature to be interested in who’s voting for whom. So, with this in mind, we’ve compiled a who’s who of celebrity endorsements, to shed a bit of light not just on who's voting for whom, but why.

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