Brexit legal challenge: Labour says it will still push for UK to leave the EU after High Court ruling

Jeremy Corbyn will continue to press 'for a Brexit that works for Britain' 

Thursday 03 November 2016 12:22 GMT
High court rules Brexit needs Parliamentary approval

Labour will continue to push for Britiain to leave the European Union following the ruling by the High Court.

Jeremy Corbyn has called on the Government to bring its Brexit negotiating terms to Parliament after the High Court ruled Theresa May cannot bypass MPs and peers when she triggers Article 50.

He announced Labour will continue to press for a "Brexit that works for Britain" and has called for greater transparency from the Government.

"This ruling underlines the need for the Government to bring its negotiating terms to Parliament without delay,” a spokesperson for Jeremy Corbyn said.

“Labour respects the decision of the British people to leave the European Union. But there must be transparency and accountability to parliament on the terms of Brexit. Labour will be pressing the case for a Brexit that works for Britain, putting jobs, living standards and the economy first."

Following the ruling, the Government immediately confirmed it would challenge it and there is speculation the case could be taken to the European Court of Justice.

Labour MP and constitutional expert Graham Allen said the Supreme Court now faces "its first historic test" in hearing the appeal.

Mr Allen said: "It is the beginning of defining more clearly and honestly a separation of powers in the UK, which has hitherto been shrouded in mystery. Parliament can no longer be the poodle of Government of any political complexion. On fundamental matters of our democracy, Parliament must not only be consulted but, as on Article 50, legislate.

"This is not to overturn the decision in principle by the British people but to give it full life.

"I welcome the decision of the High Court and now hope the Supreme Court upholds the sovereignty of Parliament which was such a core part of the reason to leave the EU."

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