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Theresa May dismisses Trump condemnation of her deal, as MPs warned over stockpiling crisis

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Lizzy Buchan
Political Correspondent
Tuesday 27 November 2018 18:07 GMT
Theresa May hits back at Donald Trump's trade comments: 'We have already been talking to them about the sort of agreement that we could have in the future'

Theresa May has dismissed Donald Trump's claims that her Brexit deal could hinder trade, saying the UK is working "very well" with the United States to secure a future agreement.

The president dealt a blow to Ms May's attempts to sell her new blueprint to the public, when he openly attacked he plan, saying it was "a great deal for the EU".

It comes as the prime minister struggles to overcome opposition from all sides, with former defence secretary Sir Michael Fallon, who was once seen as an ally, saying it was "doomed" to fail in a crunch Commons vote.

He described Ms May's Brexit deal as "the worst of all worlds" and confirmed he will not vote for it in parliament in December.

Meanwhile, MPs heard that warehouses to stockpile food for a no-deal Brexit may be empty because they have been snapped up by Amazon to pounce on the UK market.

The Food and Drink Federation told a parliamentary committee that all available frozen and chilled space had been taken – but no one knew who had taken it and whether there was anything in it.

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Lizzy Buchan27 November 2018 08:40

Donald Trump has warned that Theresa May‘s proposed Brexit deal may make trade with the US more difficult. 

The US president said the deal sounded like it would be good for the EU, before expressing concern about where the it left trade between the UK and his country.  

More here: 

Lizzy Buchan27 November 2018 08:52

Ex-defence secretary Sir Michael Fallon has described Ms May's Brexit deal as "the worst of all worlds" and confirmed he will not vote for it in parliament.

The Sevenoaks MP, once regarded as a staunch May ally, said the agreement seems "doomed" to fail when it comes to the Commons next month.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today programme, he said: "My fear is that this deal gives us the worst of all worlds.

"No guarantee of smooth trade in the future and no ability to reduce the tariffs that we need to conclude trade deals with the rest of the world.

"So, unless the House of Commons can be persuaded somehow that those are possible then I think, yes, the deal is doomed."

He said the government cannot simply brush off Donald Trump's warning about the Brexit deal and said a future trade deal with the US now looks "difficult".

Mr Fallon said: "It's no use us just brushing that off, saying 'no, no we can do a deal with America', he's the president of the United States, and if he says it's going to be difficult, then it certainly looks like it's going to be difficult.

"This is not a good deal and we need a better deal."

Lizzy Buchan27 November 2018 09:03

Lizzy Buchan27 November 2018 09:32

A former UK trade chief says Donald Trump is “speaking the truth” when he warns Theresa May’s Brexit deal will wreck hopes of a trade agreement with the US.

Sir Andrew Cahn backed the US president, undermining attempts by a furious Downing Street to fight back against the bombshell dropped in Washington.

Story here:

Lizzy Buchan27 November 2018 10:01

Speculation is mounting over the prospect of a TV clash between Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May over her Brexit deal, as the PM steps up her push to sell the deal to the nation.

Downing Street has reportedly pencilled it in for December 9, which comes just before the meaningful vote on December 11, according to The Sun.

Mr Corbyn previously said he would "relish" the chance to go head-to-head with Ms May.

Here's our story:

Lizzy Buchan27 November 2018 10:19

MEP Patrick O'Flynn has quit Ukip over party leader Gerard Batten's 'growing fixation' with far-right figure Tommy Robinson, whom he has appointed as an advisor. He will join the SDP instead.

Lizzy Buchan27 November 2018 10:30

Foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt has welcomed the release of Matthew Hedges, a British academic who was sentenced to life in UAE on spying charges.

He landed in the UK this morning.

Lizzy Buchan27 November 2018 10:46

A union representing those in the gig economy has thrown its weight behind a fresh referendum on Theresa May's Brexit deal, claiming workers' rights could be at risk.

More here:

Lizzy Buchan27 November 2018 10:56

My colleague in Brussels, Jon Stone, has written a piece on MEP Patrick O'Flynn's defection from Ukip over its growing far-right links.

See more:

Lizzy Buchan27 November 2018 11:14

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