Happy Brexit: MPs reveal abusive festive cards received

O little town of Brexit hell how shrill thee seem to cry

Harry Cockburn
Tuesday 21 November 2017 16:16
'Pack your suitcase. Leave the UK' The card MSP Paul Masterson received
'Pack your suitcase. Leave the UK' The card MSP Paul Masterson received

As we enter the season of goodwill to all men, MPs have revealed some of the Brexit-themed Christmas cards they have already received from the public.

The festivities began 10 days ahead of advent when Scottish Conservative politician Paul Masterson tweeted a photograph of a Christmas card he had received which read: “To JUDAS, Happy BREXIT Christmas.”

The sender then added the number of Brexit supporters who voted, and the result of the 2016 EU membership referendum, writing: “17.5 MILLION, 52% VOTED LEAVE.


Mr Masterson is an MSP for East Renfrewshire, which overwhelmingly voted to remain in the European Union at the referendum last June. “I feel bad for the trees who died in vain to make this card,” he tweeted.

The Brexit message arrived after Mr Masterson, along with 15 other Conservative MPs, were branded “Brexit mutineers” on the front page of The Daily Telegraph on last week.

Anna Soubry, another Tory MP on the list, raised a point of order in the House of Commons last week, saying her office had received at least five threatening messages that had to be reported to the police since the publication of the article.

‘You lost snowflakes’

But that is not where the Brexit tidings ended, as former Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron revealed he too had received a card.

He replied to Mr Masterson’s tweet saying “Amen, brother”, and added a photograph of a card he had received which reads: “52% OUT, 48% IN. YOU LOST SNOWFLAKES, GET OVER YOURSELVES!”

As an antidote for those who aren't delighted by the prospect of a very Brexitty Christmas for all, a crowdfunding campaign is also promising to deliver 1000 hand-written messages to the citizens of Brussels, containing a message of solidarity from those who voted to remain in the EU in Britain.

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