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Brexit vote result - LIVE: Cabinet ministers rebel as Theresa May's bid to keep no-deal Brexit on the table ends in yet another humiliating defeat

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Ashley Cowburn
Political Correspondent
Wednesday 13 March 2019 21:52 GMT
What happens now with Brexit?

Theresa May has suffered a humiliating defeat after MPs voted to completely take the option of a no-deal Brexit off the table.

MPs voted by 312 votes to 308 in favour of an amendment that was stronger than the government's own motion in its opposition to a no-deal outcome.

Ms May's motion said the Commons "declines to approve" leaving without a deal on March 29, but said the only way to avoid this is to pass an agreement. The amendment passed by MPs removed this caveat and simply said the Commons "rejects" a no-deal Brexit.

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​Earlier, chancellor Philip Hammond used his Spring Statement to downgrade growth forecasts and warn MPs that uncertainty over Brexit was damaging the economy.

It came after ministers revealed plans to scrap tariffs in the event of the UK crashing out of the European Union without a deal as MPs prepare to vote on a no-deal Brexit.

Under a temporary and unilateral regime, EU goods arriving from the Republic of Ireland and remaining in Northern Ireland will not be subject to tariffs – a prospect likely to increase the risk UK jobs would be lost. Charges will however be payable on goods moving from the EU into the rest of the UK via Northern Ireland under a schedule of rates also released today.


Welcome to The Independent's live coverage of the day's political events

Shehab.Khan13 March 2019 07:51

A quick reminder of where we stand at the moment. 

MPs inflicted a second devastating defeat on Theresa May's Brexit deal last night, voting against her agreement by 149 votes. 

The prime minister must now let MPs decide whether to rule out a no-deal Brexit and has been forced to offer a "free vote". 

Shehab.Khan13 March 2019 07:58

Germany's economy minister Peter Altmaier expressed the hope that British legislators would vote decisively against a no-deal Brexit.

"After divisive debates & votes, today can become a turning point.

Rejecting No-deal-Brexit by a large cross-party majority will unite millions in the UK & in Europe.

Whatever you finally decide. Good luck dear friends!"

Shehab.Khan13 March 2019 08:00

Ahead of the crunch vote in the Commons, one leave-backing minister told the BBC that ruling out no deal in all circumstances would mean be the end of Brexit.

Brexit is over. If you take no-deal off the table, I do not see how you can save Brexit."

Shehab.Khan13 March 2019 08:03

Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay would not be drawn on how he would vote later but BBC Radio 4's Today that if it came down to a choice between no deal and no Brexit, he would choose a no-deal scenario.

"No deal is going to be very disruptive for the economy. No deal also has serious questions for the union, for example in Northern Ireland where there isn't a government in place, there are serious questions raised by the head of the Civil Service, so there are are questions for the union in terms of no deal.

But I think no Brexit is catastrophic for our democracy. Between those very unpleasant choices, I think no Brexit is the bigger risk."

Shehab.Khan13 March 2019 08:04

  ↵The Independent's Deputy Political Editor, Rob Merrick, has written a story about the UK's proposals on tariffs in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Shehab.Khan13 March 2019 08:10

On the new tariff regime, Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay told Today it was a "modest liberalisation" of trade.

"This is a modest liberalisation, it is a temporary measure, this is for a short term while we engage with business and see what the real-term consequences are," he said.

On the prospect of a delay, Mr Barclay said it would hand power to Brussels.

"It's not a unilateral decision. So one of the ironies of taking back control is that the decision on the extension will be determined by the EU 27.

"We won't know how long that extension will be, it's for them to decide, we won't know what conditions are attached."

Shehab.Khan13 March 2019 08:10

A quick look forward to the day ahead - it's a busy day in Westminster. 

At 12.00 we have Prime Minister's Questions.

At 12.30 straight after PMQs, Philip Hammond will take to the dispatch box for the Spring Statement. 

At 19.00 MPs will be voting on whether the UK should leave the EU without a deal in place. 

Shehab.Khan13 March 2019 08:16

Labour have been pushing for a general election for some time, but now some Tory MPs are also starting to call for one: 

Shehab.Khan13 March 2019 08:22

International trade minister Liam Fox has apparently invited business leaders to discuss the no-deal Brexit tariffs, a senior company source has said.

Shehab.Khan13 March 2019 08:27

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