Budget 2015 bingo: Buzzwords to watch out for in George Osborne's speech

Will Osborne and Balls be two fat ladies or two little ducks? Let's play Budget bingo

Matt Dathan
Wednesday 18 March 2015 10:43

With the Labour and the Tories fighting it out in one of the closest elections in history, George Osborne's final budget will be one of the most political on record, so expect a deluge of Tory buzzwords.

But he won't want to bore viewers too much so look out for references to recent cock-ups from the opposition as George tries to keep the older MPs awake and stir up some cheers from his backbenchers.

Kitchen tables - and how many you're lucky to have - is a topic likely to pop up, while Labour's lack of business backers and “Bill Somebody” would be greeted with rapturous applause from the Tory benches.

But expect most of the speech to be littered with the the same old boring lines we hear every time a Tory minister goes on the TV: “long-term economic plan”, and the groans that accompany them.

And if we're lucky (or unlucky, depending on whether you're turned on by Ed Balls), we may even get a reference to Ed Balls's sex life (last month he boasted he was “long, slow burner”).

So, eyes down, let's play Budget bingo.

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