General election 2015: Chart reveals which party leader we like the most

UKIP leader Nigel Farage was most hated, with 40 per cent of Brits surveyed saying they 'disliked him a lot'.

Louis Dore
Saturday 02 May 2015 13:22 BST

Our current Prime Minister is the country’s most liked leader at this election, regardless of whether we agree with him, according to a new survey.

44 per cent of people said that they liked the Conservative leader David Cameron either ‘a lot’ or ‘a fair amount’ as a person, regardless of whether they agreed with him.

The poll of 1,729 people by YouGov showed that despite broken tuition fee promises, Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg came in second with 39 per cent registering positive sentiment, and Labour leader Ed Miliband followed with 38 per cent.

Nigel Farage was the most hated of leaders standing at the election, with 56 per cent registering dislike for the Ukip leader and 40 per cent saying that they disliked him ‘a lot’.

Leanne Wood produced the most neutral reaction in the public, with 47 per cent saying that did not know how they felt about her as a person.

All the political leaders were more disliked than liked, an unsurprising result in an election where faith in politicians is at a low.

The latest tracking poll data also currently shows that still roughly half of the population feel that Conservatives only appeal to one section of society rather than to the whole country, and that Labour is the party that people most feel has ‘it’s heart in the right place’.

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