General Election 2015: Truth behind Ed Miliband's soaring approval ratings revealed - Labour employs a leadership guru

Consultancy helps clients build 'leadership skills' and overcome anxiety

Matt Dathan
Friday 24 April 2015 16:30 BST
Ed Miliband hires a leadership consultant
Ed Miliband hires a leadership consultant

No wonder Ed Miliband's personal approval ratings have rocketed in recent months - he has hired a consultant to boost his leadership skills.

Labour employs the services of Extended Minds, a consultancy that helps its clients "build leadership skills that deliver lasting organisational change".

It may explain why the Labour leader has seen such a sharp improvement in his net approval ratings. He still has a negative score of -18, but this is a marked improvement from his low of -56 at the end of last year.

According to the leadership consultancy's website, it helps to tackle "the anxiety we all feel to different degrees when communicating an important message to others".

One piece of advice it offers on its website says: "Any new behavior will feel inauthentic at the beginning, and will seem so to others, too. But with repeated practice we move from 'acting' to 'being'.'

A Labour spokesman refused to comment on the story but did not deny the party had hired the consultant. "We never comment on anybody we may or may not have employed," the spokesman said.

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