The one chart that shows why Labour can safely ignore Rupert Murdoch

Ed Miliband has become more popular despite The Sun's attacks

Jon Stone
Tuesday 21 April 2015 18:27
The Labour leader is in for a tough time from Conservative-leaning press until polling day
The Labour leader is in for a tough time from Conservative-leaning press until polling day

Rupert Murdoch visited The Sun earlier this year and told journalists at the paper to stop Labour from winning the election. So far, they haven't been having much success.

Though the paper was never a huge fan of Mr Miliband, critical front pages about the party leader started coming thicker and faster than ever after the media mogul's visit. Attacks of Mr Miliband's character have featured heavily.

But Mr Murdoch's visit to the paper, coming at the end of February, actually coincided with the beginning of an uplift in Ed Miliband's personal ratings.

The increase in popularity for Mr Miliband has seen him close a huge gap with David Cameron in terms of leadership ratings. If anything, his ratings have increased more rapidly since Mr Murdoch visited the paper.

Recent front page stories from The Sun include attacks on Mr Miliband's kitchen and headlines about 'Slave Labour' next to pictures of him.

Two Sun front pages featuring Ed Miliband from the last week

In stark contrast, the newspaper has begun to run extremely positive front pages about Conservatives policies and announcements.

Two overwhelmingly positive front pages about David Cameron from the last week

Labour leaders once believed they had to have the Murdoch press onside to win elections.

The evidence so far is that attacks from the newspaper are having little effect as voters increasing warm to Mr Miliband.

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