'Why did you vote Tory?': Big question gets intriguing answers

Users posted a range of interesting responses to the question

Ben Tufft
Sunday 10 May 2015 01:30 BST
The speech that the PM could not have believed he would utter during his ruthless campaign for another term
The speech that the PM could not have believed he would utter during his ruthless campaign for another term

The general election's surprise result of a Conservative majority government has shocked professional pundits and pollsters, but others are just as puzzled with many asking why did so many people vote Tory?

To find an answer to this apparent conundrum, one person took to the social networking and news site Reddit to ask Tory voters for their motives.

Fully setting out their position, the London-based user wrote: “I'm not asking in a snarky way, I am genuinely curious. Could you please explain your reasoning for voting the way you did? Thanks!”

Clearly not content with initial responses, citing the UK’s economic success, the user later edited their query, adding: “Please actually explain – don’t just say ‘the economy’”.

One user, Biscuitsarefordunking from Cornwall, took this advice to heart and wrote: “I think the UK is in recovery, and I don't trust Labour not to f*** it up.” Before explaining: “I'd rather have low tax rather than tax and spend.”

Agreeing, in more moderate terms, was ClintSexwood from the West Midlands who said: “I know a lot of people my age (19) voted Conservatives because their parents are significantly better off since the Tory's took power when compared to Labour.”

The most common response for voting Conservative seemed to be because of the good work their candidate did in the local area.

DeaJae, from the Cambridgeshire Fens wrote: “Our MP (Tory) has stepped in a fair few times to give local events and causes a needed boost in an otherwise forgotten area.

“Without him our town would of lost out on the new schools and facilities we desperately need, promised 15 years ago by Lab/Lib councils.”

Captainpatters in Kent agreed and wrote: “My local MP has proved that he cares what his constituents think and has always replied to letters and queries me or my friends have raised.”

Another user seemed happy with Consevatives both locally and nationally, writing: “I didn't vote Tory, I voted for my local MP who is a member of the Conservative party. He did a good job in the past 5 years and is much better than the Labour candidate.

"Thinking about my decision on a national level, the Labour party does not inspire any faith in me with regards to the economy.”

So it seems if the Tories want to win another majority in 2020 their MPs will need to keep an eye on local matters while ensuring the British economy keeps afloat. It should be a walk in the park.

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