Inside Politics - Blair Quiz Answers

Saturday 04 September 2010 00:00

1 The Freedom of Information Act

2 The leak to the press from inside the Labour government of details of Peter Mandelson's home loan, which forced his resignation.

3 Tony Blair and the British public by 2007

4 Tony Benn

5 Euan Blair, who had been found drunk in Leicester Square after celebrating his GCSE results.

6 John Smith

7 Princess Diana, re Dodi Fayed

8 Alastair Campbell

9 Nelson Mandela

10 Dennis Skinner

11 Gordon Brown

12 Bob Geldof

13 Stephen Byers

14 John Prescott

15 He was locked in the loo.

16 The Liberal Democrat leader, Ming Campbell. There was press speculation that Tony Blair was going to offer him a seat in the Cabinet.

17 Ian Paisley. They were negotiating the Northern Ireland peace process

18 Being asked during the Chilcot inquiry in January 2010 whether he had any regrets.

19 The routine at Balmoral

20 George Bush addressing him as "Yo, Blair"

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