Jeremy Corbyn demands human rights adviser in every embassy across the world

Jeremy Corbyn says Labour party defence review will cover "much more than defence". 

Matt Dathan
Online political reporter
Monday 23 November 2015 17:15 GMT
Jeremy Corbyn responds to David Cameron's Strategic Defence and Security Review
Jeremy Corbyn responds to David Cameron's Strategic Defence and Security Review

Jeremy Corbyn has demanded that every UK embassy across the world has a human rights adviser.

In his response to the Government's Strategic Defence and Security review, which was set out by David Cameron in the House of Commons, the Labour leader said his party's own defence review will cover "much more than defence".

It will include peace-keeping, conflict resolution and peace-building missions, Mr Corbyn said.

He has appointed Maria Eagle, the Shadow Defence Secretary to head up a review of Labour's defence policy but caused uproar among Labour MPs last week by announcing that Ken Livingstone, who opposes the renewal of Trident, will co-chair the policy review.

Mr Cameron announced a £12bn boost in the defence equipment budget, which will rise to £178bn, the creation of two 5,000-strong rapid "strike brigades" to deal with unconventional threats such as Isis and also revealed that the cost of replacing Britain's Trident nuclear deterrent will rise by £6bn.

But Mr Corbyn hit out at the "severe cut" in the foreign office budget, claiming it threatened the UK's global reputation.

Mr Corbyn said: "Our review will question the wisdom of British arm sales to repressive regimes with links to the funding of terrorism and be firmly-founded on the importance of human rights across the world. It will recognise that security is about much more than defence and look to fulfill the huge potential this country has to lead the way in peace-keeping, conflict resolution and peace-building.

"We have a highly professional and experienced diplomatic core. Some of the best in the world, as well as world-class peace and conflict research academics.

"Does he not agree that the severe cut in the foreign office budget is clear evidence of the Government's determination to sacrifice our place in the world on the alter of mis-placed austerity.

"Will he commit to a human rights adviser in every embassy?"

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