Jeremy Corbyn overtakes David Cameron in leadership satisfaction ratings

The Ipsos MORI poll showed Mr Corbyn up ten points and David Cameron down ten points after last week's Budget

Jon Stone
Thursday 24 March 2016 17:02 GMT
Jeremy Corbyn was elected Labour in September
Jeremy Corbyn was elected Labour in September

Jeremy Corbyn has overtaken David Cameron in leadership satisfaction ratings in the aftermath of last week’s Budget.

According to the latest Ipsos MORI polling, the Labour leader’s ratings improved a net 10 points, while the Prime Minister’s fell a net ten points.

Mr Corbyn is now on net -11 while Mr Cameron is on net -25 with the pollster.

Ben Page, the pollster’s chief executive however warned that Mr Corbyn’s net score may be exaggerated because he had a lower recognition rate, having been only in the job since September.

There has been speculation that Mr Corbyn’s satisfaction rating with the pollster – his highest with any firm – may also be exaggerated by Conservatives saying they are satisfied with what they perceive as his poor performance.

Other pollsters ask different question formulations – including whether a leader is “doing a good job” – which would likely shed light on whether the shift represents a real move in support.

Corbyn attacks Tories

The boost for Mr Corbyn however comes amid a number of pollsters showing Labour drawing nearly level, level, or slightly above the Tories in voting intention.

Ipsos MORI had Labour up one point to 34 per cent, and the Tories down three to 36 per cent.

Mr Corbyn has been ahead of Mr Cameron before with the firm, but this came at a stage where he had a very low rate of recognition.

The Tories have had a difficult week, with resignations and a U-turn over cuts 

The firm’s leadership polling is valuable in particular because it has asked the same phrased leadership question for decades – allowing direct comparisons to previous leaders.

According to an analysis conducted by Rob Ford, professor of political science at the University of Manchester, Mr Corbyn has better ratings than Gordon Brown and Michael Foot six months into their leaderships.

He is however far behind Tony Blair, John Smith, Neil Kinnock, and slightly behind Ed Miliband.

The poll saw rises in net satisfaction for all the main opposition leaders. Nigel Farage was up a net 13 points and only three points away from having a positive rating.

Meanwhile, the public are slowly beginning to recognise Tim Farron, the leader of the Liberal Democrats. His satisfaction rating was up four points, and his dissatisfaction also up two points – his net satisfaction is one point behind Mr Corbyn.

The good news for Mr Corbyn comes just over a month before his first major electoral test, where the parties will contest local councils, the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly, and the Mayor of London and London Assembly elections.

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