Minister says he's not received UN report on Saudi Arabia despite holding copy of UN report on Saudi Arabia

The moment was remiscent of the classic comedy The Thick of It

Jon Stone
Thursday 28 January 2016 14:43 GMT
FCO Ellwood MP - I have report, but have not received it

A Foreign Office minister has raised eyebrows after claiming he had not received a UN report about Saudi Arabia's invasion of Yemen - whilst holding a copy of the report.

Tobias Ellwood, a Conservative, said he had not officially been sent the report but had obtained a copy of it through other means.

"Yes of course I've got it, but I haven't received it," Mr Ellwood told MPs in the House of Commons, to howls of derision.

The report, into Saudi Arabia's military campaign in Yemen, was drawn up by a UN panel of experts.

The panel identified "widespread and systematic" attacks on civilian targets and violations of international humanitarian law by Saudi Arabia.

David Cameron has previously defended giving assistance to Britain's autocratic petrostate ally in the region.

British military advisors are helping to target Saudi Arabian air strikes, while the latest figures show the UK has sold £6.7 billion worth of arms to the country since Mr Cameron took office.

This figure, originating from official Government statistics, includes £2.8 billion in sales since the attack on Yemen began.

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