Nigel Farage gets heckled during live news broadcast outside Parliament

'Sky News have got a racist on their channel. Are you really listening to this man?'

May Bulman@maybulman
Thursday 14 July 2016 19:11
Nigel Farage is heckled and called a "racist" during an interview on Sky News

Nigel Farage has been heckled by a protester during a live news broadcast.

The former Ukip leader was being interviewed by Sky News ahead of David Cameron's resignation when a heckler began making remarks through a megaphone.

During the interview outside the House of Commons, the male heckler could be heard saying: “Sky News have got a racist on their channel. Are you really listening to this man?”

Mr Farage, who resigned as Ukip leader earlier this month, ignored the colourful remarks. When the interviewer Kay Burley thanked him for persevering, he said: "I've been used to it for years".

The protester continued to make slurs - most of which were inaudible - through the megaphone until the interview ended, and reportedly continued until 10.30pm.

His remarks also included: “Nigel Farage, you’re an embarrassment to the human race” and “Kay, you need to smile a lot more, you look miserable".

Twitter responded to the incident with both amusement and frustration, with one user describing the heckler as a "genius" while another called his actions "momentarily amusing" but "annoying".

Mr Farage, who backed Andrea Leadsom in the Tory leadership race, was discussing Brexit negotiations in the broadcast.

He said the "real negotiation" is going to happen in "German car factories" and "French win producers" rather than Brussels.

Amid the heckles Mr Farage also expressed his view that if Article 50 isn't triggered in the next few months "it won't just be the Labour Party that splits in half, it'll be the Tory Party too."

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