Student protest: ‘Disgusting’ police behaviour angers public

The large police presence at yesterday’s demonstration has been criticised by members of the public, protesters and politicians.

Ryan Ramgobin@ryanramgobin
Thursday 05 November 2015 10:45
Student protest: ‘Disgusting’ police behaviour angers public

The student demonstration against the Government’s plans to cut education grants was for the most part, peaceful non-violent protest. The most hostile behaviour came only in song-form, regarding what protesters thought of Prime Minister David Cameron and his fellow Tories. That was until the demonstration arrived outside the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Black bloc anarchists and police officers clashed outside the building, leading to a swift police presence in the area. For the majority of protesters, it was a moment of confusion - why are all these fluorescent jackets appearing and surrounding us?

Officers temporarily managed to kettle protesters and as demonstrators escaped, the tension and drama increased. Cue scores of officers running around central London trying to corner protesters. It led to a chase towards Vauxhall Bridge and along the way, members of the public became caught in the proceedings.

One person was Jeanette, featured in the video above. While making a short journey with her grandchild, she was overcome by the police presence "who had no regard for young children".

"If I didn’t move my grandchild so fast, she would have been laying in the road".

An eyewitness told The Independent the scenes made him feel less trustful of the police.

This was a common theme for many of the protesters who attended yesterday’s demonstration.

Many people recorded video of what they perceived to be excessive force by police officers. Watch an example below.

Student protest: Video shows arrest - ‘What sort of justice is that?’

The video above shows two protesters reacting to a police arrest from yesterday’s demonstration.

"What sort of justice is that?"

"That’s not justice man, he’s screaming, ‘You’re gonna break my arm’’

Protesters were also joined by politicians in believing the police presence was excessive.

Dianne Abbot MP told The Independent that she was surprised at the level of policing.

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