Police investigate video of Sikh schoolboy being attacked

Police treating assault as ‘a hate crime’

Eleanor Sly
Wednesday 25 November 2020 14:14 GMT
West Mercia Police officers
West Mercia Police officers (Getty Images)

Police in Telford have launched an investigation after a video showing a schoolboy being attacked by two other boys was published on social media.

The video, published on Twitter, shows a boy who is reportedly Sikh, wearing school uniform whilst being attacked.

The attack is thought to have occurred on Friday 13 November as pupils walked home from Charlton School in Telford.

The school has said it takes “full responsibility” for working with the students involved and is “working closely” with the local Sikh community and its leaders in the wake of the attack.

In a statement, it said: “Charlton School works hard to provide a safe, nurturing environment where proactive measures are taken to ensure students are protected from any types of bullying.”

The school was keen to point out that in spite of the attack taking place after school hours, they are taking full responsibility for working with all students who were implicated. They have also been in contact with the parents of those involved who are apparently “satisfied” with the actions the school has taken.

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said it was “clearly an incredibly distressing incident.” They added it is being treated “as a hate crime and with the utmost seriousness.”

Supt Jim Baker said that the boys involved have been “identified” and that “enquiries are continuing."

He added that the police’s youth offending team and the school will be working together to ensure “suitable action” is taken, saying that the police are “working with our local communities to provide reassurance.”

West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner John-Paul Campion released a statement on social media saying he had been reassured by the quick response of the police force. 

Mr Campion added: “As PCC tackling hate crime continues to be a priority - we all have a right to be who we are without fear of the behaviours of others.” 

The National Sikh Police Association in the UK have called the attack “absolutely disgusting.”

It tweeted: “We trust West Mercia Police and the school involved to handle this matter with the sensitivity it needs.” It also advised the Sikh community to “avoid contacting the school directly about this matter.” 

Slough’s Labour MP, Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi,  said on Twitter that "Bullying and anti-Sikh hate cannot be tolerated."  He also said that he was was saddened to see such behaviour. 

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