UK weather: Video shot from plane shows tip of the Shard peeking through blanket of fog over London

Footage shows tip of the Shard floating above a thick blanket of fog

Ryan Ramgobin
Monday 02 November 2015 18:05
Shard peeking through blanket of fog over London

The recent foggy weather in London might have wrecked airline schedules at Heathrow but it has also led to spectacular pictures like in the video above.

The footage recorded from a passenger jet shows a thick blanket of fog contrasted against light blue skies. The only building that can be seen in London’s towering skyline is the tip of the Shard.

Two days of fog in London

Measuring over 300 metres, the video shows the extent to which the foggy weather has affected visibility while flying into the Capital.

Heathrow has cancelled at least 120 flights on Monday; and this morning, London City Airport was closed to all flights for several hours. Manchester and Southampton have also cancelled more than 20 flights.

The Met Office has announced the fog is likely to thicken this evening and become dense in places. Much of this will persist overnight and last well into Tuesday morning.

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