9 times delivery drivers drove customers to despair

Delivery driver fails include a man throwing a parcel on a roof and another leaving it under a bucket on a driveway 

Mollie Goodfellow@hansmollman
Tuesday 24 November 2015 16:48
Ajmal Aziz just wanted his parcel. It ended up on the roof.
Ajmal Aziz just wanted his parcel. It ended up on the roof.

Many of us have experienced the irritation of returning home at the end of the day to see the aftermath of a postal service employee's failed attempt to deliver a parcel.

The result often involves a trek to a post depot to pick it up, several enquiries with neighbours who may have agreed to look after the item in your absence, or a long wait for the delivery driver to reappear at your home.

Ajmal Aziz is familiar with such instances having been “surprised” to find Yodel had somehow left a parcel on his roof. He tweeted a picture to the Yodel customer service Twitter account of a delivery card, which said: “Sorry top off your roof” (sic).

It is not the first time customers have been left disgruntled by delivery services. Here are eight other package delivery fails.

Parcel toss

Instead of simply leaving a note, this driver threw the parcel over the fence.

Under a bucket

Peter Preston took to Facebook to complain when his parcel was left under a bucket on his driveway.

Mailbox stuffing

Greg Grayson found a package delivered by the US Postal Service stuffed into his mailbox. Which would be fine, except he said he couldn't get it out again.

"Bear at door"

Possibly a more understandable excuse for a missed delivery comes from the Canadian Post Corp, who left a card saying they couldn't deliver a package because there was a bear in the way.

Another fence throw

This Hermes deliverer also thought the best way to safely deliver a parcel was to chuck it over the fence.

Left on street

Rather than leaving this package in a safe place, this package was left right on the pavement, where anyone could have picked it up.


This postie did not even seem to be trying. From the look of the video below, they appear to be throwing a parcel into a ravine.

Food waste

@RoyalMail this is a lovely way to treat parcels...NOT!! pic.twitter.com/66owGc9h7d

Twitter user Tegan found her parcel, rather than ending up safe in her house or a post depot, ended up in her food waste bin.

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