Dog faints from 'overwhelming joy' upon reuniting with owner after two years

Video shows Casey the schnauzer collapsing after becoming over excited

Tomas Jivanda
Monday 28 July 2014 08:49
A rub on the tummy sprang Casey back to life
A rub on the tummy sprang Casey back to life

A pet dog appeared to faint from ‘overwhelming joy’ after being reunited with a family member after two years.

Rebecca Ehalt had been living and working in Slovenia. Returning to her home in Murrysville, Pennsylvania for the first time in two years, she was greeted by a very excited schnauzer.

A video capturing the moment has now received 1.5 million views on Youtube.

The schnauzer, named Casey, is seen running into Ms Ehalt’s arms while making a very shrill whimpering noise.

After a few seconds it all gets a bit much for the small dog, and she collapses on her side. Following a good tummy rub, she struggles to her feet on some very wobbly back legs.

Later, calmed down, Casey is seen happily held and cuddled by Ms Ehalt, who notes that their time apart had been the equivalent of 14 years for Casey.

The schnauzer has since been checked by the vet, who gave her the all clear.

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