Judge tells dad: Stop emailing in all capitals it looks like you're shouting

Other correspondence written in very large fonts

Christopher Hooton
Tuesday 06 May 2014 09:49 BST

Their propensity to text and email exclusively in capital letters is probably the most adorable thing about dads from the analogue era, but it has landed one Israeli father in trouble with a High Court Judge.

A man was warned by Mrs Justice Pauffley to start capping down when emailing his children because it looks like he was shouting.

The "insensitive" father was fighting for direct contact with the boy, 13, and girl, nine, after his marriage to their mother broke down and he was banned from seeing them.

The judge described his efforts at contact with his daughter thus far as "nothing short of disastrous" and said that he needed help writing more "suitable" communications.

His emails were often written exclusively in capitals or else in large fonts, The Telegraph reports, which the judge said were "equivalent to shouting".

She added that he "needs help to make his messages appropriate and child friendly," noting: "There's nothing worse than an email suggestive that the sender is shouting at you."

In spite of his shouty emails, Pauffley said the dad's heart was in the right place.

"The father made clear he has never stopped loving the children from the moment they were born," she said.

"He thinks about them every hour. They are the most important thing in his life."

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