How did it get there? Fox spotted napping on second-floor window sill in Notting Hill

Rachel Johnson, sister of Boris, has a theory

Adam Withnall
Friday 14 August 2015 08:49
The fox was napping on a second-floor window in Notting Hill
The fox was napping on a second-floor window in Notting Hill

Urban foxes are notorious for being bold opportunists – but the residents of the Tory stronghold of Notting Hill in London were still surprised by the behaviour of this canine.

The fox was spotted taking a nap on the second-floor window sill of a house in Elgin Crescent by none other than Rachel Johnson, the author and sister to the London Mayor, Boris Johnson.

Clearly confident in its affluent surrounds, the animal was performing a convincing impression of a town cat who owns the place. While most foxes only emerge on the streets of the capital during the night, this one seemed comfortable he wouldn’t be disturbed.

Ms Johnson told the London Evening Standard that the fox caused quite a stir among local residents, whose numbers apparently include the American comedian Ruby Wax.

Ms Johnson said she thought the fox might have got to the window sill via the scaffolding next-door (Picture by Rachel Johnson)

She suggested it was lucky no one had tried to shoot the animal – which appears to have made its home in one of the only Conservative constituencies in the heart of the capital – as it was “rather a sitting duck”.

Ms Johnson said: “There are lots of them in the neighbourhood, always in the gardens - they seem to own the place. But when I saw this one it was hard to feel the same sense of rage.”

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