Urine is the most common stain found on furniture, but vomit is a close second

The fifth most common has been classed as ‘unidentifiable’

Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith
Tuesday 04 August 2015 18:07 BST

Furniture stains are an unfortunate reality of life.

From sofas to tables, chairs to beds, there is no escaping the fact that at some point the likes of chocolate, red wine or coffee will be spilled on these items at least once during their ownership.

But it would appear food and drink do not top the list of the most common stains to grace normal household furniture. Instead it is urine and vomit.

Red wine is only the sixth most common furniture stain, chocolate only comes in at number 10 and worryingly, the fifth most common stain was simply labelled “unidentifiable”.

The data was collected over a three-year period and while child-orientated stains such as play-dough, silly putty and paint did not make the top 10, they were seen fairly often.

The more bizarre stains uncovered in their data were bird droppings, slug trains and human excrement.

The top 10 most common furniture stains are:

1. Urine

2. Vomit

3. Ink

4. Drink

5. Unidentifiable stain

6. Red wine

7. Food

8. Water (spillage)

9. Milk

10. Chocolate

The research into the top 10 stains was carried out by furniture repair company Guardsman, which recorded data spanning three years of call-outs.

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