'Distressing' leaked pictures show blood in bathroom where Oscar Pistorius shot his lover Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine's Day

Defence lawyers have described their appearance in the public domain as “distressing”

Heather Saul
Saturday 01 June 2013 08:55 BST

Pictures from the home where Oscar Pistorius allegedly shot his girlfriend have emerged today, showing a bloodied room and what are thought to be bullet holes lower down in the door.

The images obtained by Sky News (see second picture in gallery, above) show the inside of the bathroom where model Reeva Steenkamp was shot on Valentine’s Day this year. A panel can be seen missing from the bathroom door, along with two police markers, indicating bullet holes.

In the pictures a card addressed to ‘Ozzy’, which is believed to be the model’s nickname for Pistorius, is also visible, along with a box of heart shaped sweets.

Speaking to Eyewitness News, Pistorius’ defence attorney Bryan Webber described the images appearance in the public domain as “distressing” and said that this was the first time the defence had seen them, despite five previous requests for access. Webber called for the National Prosecuting Authority to explain their appearance.

The images also show a trail of blood leading down a corridor, where the paralympian is believed to have carried Steenkamp’s body.

According to South African news outlet News24 Brigadier Phuti Setati, a spokesperson for the South African police service said they would not comment on the pictures. However, he did say: “We don't want to be distracted by these deliberate tactics. All that we want to do is secure conviction, so we are working throughout and investigating professionally.”

Pistorius has always maintained that he shot his lover because he mistook her for an intruder in his home. He claims that he had gone to fetch a fan from the balcony and did not have his prosthetic legs on.

He then alleges that when he returned to the bedroom he heard movement in the bathroom and, believing it was an intruder, grabbed his gun and fired four shots through the bathroom door.

He claims he then battered his way through the bathroom door with a cricket bat when he realised that he had actually shot Steenkamp, after seeing his bed empty. Prosecutors however are expected to maintain that the couple had a dispute, after which Steenkamp ran into the bathroom and Pistorius deliberately shot her.

The athlete is due to appear in court for a hearing next week in Pretoria.

The case has already been the subject of much controversy after former investigating policeman Warrant Officer Hilton Botha was pulled from the case following revelations that he was himself facing seven counts of attempted murder. Botha has already admitted that he walked through blood at the scene without wearing protective foot covers, which could potentially have contaminated the evidence.

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