South African fisherman survives great white shark attack after poking it in the eye

'That guy really wanted me'

Sophie McIntyre
Monday 04 May 2015 21:58 BST
Great White Sharks
Great White Sharks

A fisherman was attacked by a great white shark and managed to fend off the animal by jabbing his thumb in its eye.

Mathieu Dasnois was on a coastal sight-seeing tour, near Port St. Johns, South Africa, when he asked to go in the water to test out his new mask.

The 29-year-old was swimming in the shallow water just 20 metres from the boat when the dorsal fin of the shark was spotted heading towards him.

"It was bloody huge," said Mr Dasnois, speaking from Mthatha, a city in the Eastern Cape province, told the Telegraph.

Mr Dasnois wrote on his Facebook page: "So before rumours start seeping too much: I am a shark attack survivor. I squared up with a 4m great white. Not my most successful fight, but I'm essentially fine. Will regain full use of my entire body. Got lucky and had great help. Except for my fin, the shark took my brand new fin. Grrrr.”

"Meh. The sea giveth and the sea taketh away. But that guy really wanted me. Must have been something I ate. I should slow down on the crayfish."

Despite the attack, the seasoned fisherman has said that he would like to swim in the water again "One day."

"But it will be close to a boat in very clear water,” he added.

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