2 major new polls show Trump will conclude his first 100 days as the least popular president in modern history

Maxwell Tani
Tuesday 25 April 2017 07:43 BST
(Shawn Thew - Pool/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump set another record low approval rating as he concludes his first 100 days in office, though his core supporters largely support his brief tenure.

A Washington Post/ABC poll released on Sunday showed the new president with the lowest approval rating at this point of any president since the polling began in 1945 — 42% of respondents told pollsters they approved of his performance thus far, while 53% disapproved.

An NBC poll released on Sunday showed similar results: Just 40% said they approved of Trump's job performance, a 4 percentage-point drop from February. Fifty-four percent disapproved, a 6 point increase.

The polls continued to demonstrate that Trump did not experience the traditional honeymoon period most new presidents receive following the conclusion of the presidential election and the ceremonies associated with taking office.

NBC pointed out that at similar points in their presidencies, President Barack Obama had a 61% approval rating, while President George W. Bush had a 56% approval rating and President Bill Clinton's was at 52%.

Since taking office, Trump's approval rating has hovered in the low-40's and even dipped into the high-30's, according to at least one major recent poll.

The president has often dismissed low approval ratings and polls as "fake news," singling-out a January survey that showed he would be the lowest-rated incoming president in modern history. The Real Clear Politics average of 12 major polls shows Trump's approval rating at 42.2%, a slight decrease from the average a month ago.

The low levels of support appeared largely limited to Americans who already held negative views of the new president.

The Washington Post/ABC poll found that 96% of Trump voters said if the election was held today, they would cast their vote for Trump again.

Indeed, the polls showed some bleak signs for Democrats as well.

The Washington Post/ABC poll showed that 67% of people said that the party was out of touch with the concerns of Americans, compared to the 62% of respondents who said the Republican party was out of touch with the concerns of Americans. That represents a 19-point shift from when the same poll was conducted three years ago.

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