Abandoned dog ecstatic to be reunited with owners - only for family to choose different pet at shelter

Zuzu leaves the shelter on Friday after a rescue group agreed to take her in

Tom Embury-Dennis@tomemburyd
Wednesday 30 November 2016 22:50
Rescued German Shepherd sees her former owners at a shelter and wags her tail in excitement, only for them to ask for a different dog

A dog found as a stray and taken to a pound began excitedly wagging its tail when its owners turned up, only for the family to say they wanted a different one.

Shelter staff at Downer Animal Care Center in California picked up Zuzu from a local garden after it was reported as a stray.

But Desi Lara, an employee at the centre, was shocked when the German Shepherd mix ran up to the family who had arrived looking for a new pet.

Writing on her Facebook page, Ms Lara described Zuzu as the “happiest dog” at seeing the group of three.

“With her fast wagging tail seeing her owners, Zuzu lit up like a Christmas Tree,” she wrote.

“But no. Talking to her owners they told me they were not here to reclaim her, they were getting another dog."

According to Ms Lara, the owners decided to let Zuzu go as the “heartbroken” dog would not stop crying at the death of her father.

In a later update, the centre confirmed the animal would be leaving the shelter on Friday after a rescue group had agreed to take her in.

The footage has enraged viewers of the video on social media. Diane Williams said the family “were not worthy of her loyalty”. While Toni McCormick wrote: “People that surrender a dog should be on a no adopt list!”

It has not been confirmed if the shelter allowed the family to adopt another stray.

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