Glenn Beck’s audience raises $22m to rescue Christians stuck in Afghanistan

Money will go towards evacuating thousands of mostly women and children from Afghanistan

Bevan Hurley
New York
Friday 20 August 2021 22:47 BST
Taliban inside Afghan Presidential Palace in Kabul

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck’s listeners raised $22m in three days to help free 5,000 “enslaved Christians” from Afghanistan.

Beck urged his audience to “give until it hurts” to fund the evacuation of thousands of mainly women and children from the country, which is now under Taliban control.

“Every single penny that you can come up with will go to flying those planes and getting those people out,” Beck said Wednesday.

“We need, obviously, an enormous amount of money. These are people that are marked for death for what they believe in.”

Encouraging people to donate to the Nazarene Fund he created, the former Fox News host said Christians faced being “crucified” by the Taliban.

After 24 hours, nearly $10m had been donated.

And by Friday, Beck announced the fund had surpassed $22m.

“I’m BLOWN AWAY by what this audience has done to help rescue persecuted Christians in Afghanistan! OVER $20 MILLION raised in less than 3 days! THANK YOU!”

He later tweeted: “YOUR generosity toward rescuing Christians in Afghanistan will be a Moses-style miracle. And it has given me back my hope for the future.”

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