Alicia Machado: Donald Trump ‘scared and overwhelmed me’ when I was a teenage Miss Universe

The former Miss Universe campaigned for Hillary Clinton in Florida this week, saying she 'could not be prouder' to vote for the Democrat

Rachael Revesz
New York
Wednesday 02 November 2016 01:51 GMT
Former Miss Universe said she was fighting eating disorders as the Republican 'called her names'
Former Miss Universe said she was fighting eating disorders as the Republican 'called her names' (Getty)

Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado said Donald Trump did not respect women and she was "scared" of him when she was competing as a teenager in his beauty pageant.

Speaking at a rally in Dade City, Florida, the former model said she was “surprised and honored” to hear Ms Clinton say her name during the first presidential debate, adding that she "could not be prouder" to cast her vote for the Democrat.

Ms Machado was the first Miss Universe after Mr Trump bought the pageant contest in 1996 when she was 19 years old, representing her home country of Venezuela.

"Trump was overwhelming. I was scared of him. He made fun of me and I didn’t know how to respond.

"He told me that I looked ugly and I was massive. He even called me names. He said to me [I was] Miss Piggy, Miss Housekeeping, Miss Eating Machine.

"Soon it became a joke. Alicia Machado was a 'fat Miss Universe'. It was really painful for me. He was cruel. For years afterwards I was sick, fighting back eating disorders."

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Mr Trump was widely criticised for his comments about the model. In the 1990s he forced her to work out in the gym and do sit-ups in front of television reporters.

He has faced a slew of sexual assault allegations - which he has denied - as well as claims that he walked in to the models' dressing rooms while they were semi-clothed.

Ms Machado added that it was clear that Mr Trump did not respect women, and only "judges" women on their looks.

"He thinks he can do whatever he wants and get away with it," she said.

"Well, now I’m standing here on behalf of women and Latinas across the country, and Americans who have been horrified with his dangerous ideas and vision of America.

"And together we are going to say loudly and clearly: 'No, Trump is not getting away with it'."

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